CAE released the Aerodynamic Verification Model

Release date:2020-03-07

On October 15, 2019, the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) issued the Aerodynamic Verification Model (CAE-AVM) during the 16th Sino-Russian Conference on Fundamental Problems of Aircraft Aerodynamics, Flight Dynamics, Strength and Flight Safety. Dr. Sun Xiasheng, Executive Vice President of CAE, presided over the ceremony, and Prof. Hua Jun, Chief Scientist of CAE, introduced the CAE-AVM.

CAE-AVM is a common research model developed by CAE on the basis of its conceptual design of green long-range business aircraft focus on the study of aerodynamics, the verification of computational fluid dynamics software, and the research of wind tunnel test technologies. 

CAE’s research on the concept of green long-range business aircraft

CAE-AVM high lift configuration in wind tunnel test

Diagram for the study of the correlation between CFD and wind tunnel test

CAE has released the CAE-AVM model to provide a more advanced and richer data basis for aerodynamics research at home and abroad with the aim to confront the challenges of green aviation and promote the sustainable development of the aviation industry.