A Collaborative Optimization Method of Flexible Skin Design for Morphing Leading Edge

Release date:2020-04-08

Wing’s morphing leading edge, drooping in a seamless way, has significant potential for noise abatement and drag reduction. CAE Aircraft Strength Research Institute (ASRI) has presented an innovative collaborative optimization method, which takes all design variables, continuous and discrete, into account simultaneously. Meanwhile, to overcome the drawback of conventional algorithm which is insufficient for deformation control in critical regime, weight penalty is imposed on present objective function. Furthermore, several dedicated processes are made, such as the solution for stringer-hovering problem over thickness-varying skin, the optimal selection of optimizing-zone partitions of the skin, and the estimation of post-adjustment of local skin thickness. All these efforts together ensure the excellent morphing result, which is verified through a numerical device consisting of flexible skin and inner kinematic mechanism. Finally, a prototype of the morphing leading edge is manufactured. Further ground test and wind tunnel test are planned to carry out.