Assist the train collision test of CRRC and lead the international train collision standards

Release date:2020-04-14

For many years, the load sensor center of Changcheng Institute of  Metrology &Measurement, a subsidiary of CAE, has been committed to the independent research and development of high-precision strain type force sensors, matched instruments and system test products, which plays an important role in the field of test and transmission of force and torque in China.

At present, the load sensor center breaks through the technical bottlenecks such as the insufficient frequency response of the traditional strain sensor, and the small range of piezoelectric sensor. The self-developed strain force sensor and multi-channel high-speed data acquisition system are used in the field of dynamic impact test on-site for the first time, which has changed the universally acknowledged concept that only piezoelectric sensors can be used in the dynamic test field. It has broken the technical monopoly of foreign companies in the field of automobile and high-speed railway collision for more than 30 years, and provided a set of feasible domestic alternative. The force sensor has been successfully applied to the on-site collision test of the energy absorbing device at the end of "Fuxing" high speed train, and the collision tests of CRRC's urban rail vehicles exported to Boston, United States, Hong Kong, and Montreal, Canada, etc. It provides strong technical support for the collision test of high-speed train.

In the future, the load sensor center will always adhere to self-reliance and continuous innovation, strive to overcome core techniques, further improve the independent designing ability of measuring instruments, and realize the localization of imported products in the field of dynamic collision test to help Chinese high-speed railway to go to the world.