CAE Aerodynamics Research Institute Realized its First Remote Collaborative Wind Tunnel Test Based on HD Communication Toolkit

Release date:2020-04-16

CAE ARI successfully realized a remote collaborative wind tunnel test in its FL-8 wind tunnel on 19th March. The test project team made a video call with testing client via intranet. Meanwhile a HD live streaming of model mounting and operation was also offered to client. Online technical discussion is realized with real-time test data and plot sharing.


Test team made an online technical discussion with client

During the critical juncture of corona virus epidemic, CAE ARI consistently optimizes communication methods, which effectively guarantees the normality of work for staff from four different districts in two cities. With novel information technique, the communication with client is also secured. Online discussion, decision making and in time feedback are made possible. Test efficiency is greatly improved. The achievement makes wind tunnel test carried out smoothly during this special time, and helps people evade potential affection risk. The remote collaborative wind tunnel test is planned by CAE ARI Test Planning Department, achieved by the Third Department of Aerodynamics Research and Testing, IT Center and test project team. By setting up video and audio equipment at the control room of FL-8 wind tunnel, utilizing CAE "software video desktop meeting system" and intranet, video, audio signal and data are transmitted to the remote client. This is the first time CAE ARI realized information-technique based remote collaborative wind tunnel test with remote client.