Intelligent structure and strength analysis

Release date:2020-05-21

Intelligent structure and strength analysis

The intelligent structure and strength analysis group works on structure design and optimization, intelligent structure and health monitoring. The conducted research are supported by several major national research projects.

1. Structure optimization design and calculation analysis capability with large-scale design variables

As to structural optimization design of wing, our studies give priority to the technologies of multi-disciplinary comprehensive design, optimization analysis of composite structure and post-processing. For the first time in China, the research group has implemented the optimization design of composite wing structure with 100,000 design variables. Significant weight reduction has been obtained and the main load-transferred path of wing structure has been well demonstrated. At present, we are actively exploring new optimization algorithms. Meanwhile, the application of free-size and neural network in ply optimization of composite wing are investigated.


Fig. 1 wing optimization results with large-scale design variables


Fig.2 Composite layer optimization and post-processing technology

2. Interdisciplinary design and verification capability of intelligent functional structure

In the aspect of intelligent functional structure, we mainly focus on the research of variant structure technology. We are in charge of the variable camber wing project. Various innovative methods have been adopted, such as the rigid connecting rod of leading edge, centralized flexibility of leading edge, multi node rotation of trailing edge, and rigid coupling of trailing edge. The detailed design of each scheme and manufacturing of demonstration samples have been completed, which overcome the technical difficulties in large flexible and deformed skin design, as well as the topology optimization of the leading and trailing edge. The leading edge with 17 degree droopiness and trailing edge with 15 degree deviation are realized, which achieve the key technical indicator of the project.


Fig.3 Leading edge demonstrator of variable camber wing