FL-62 Completed Slotted Test Section Flow Field Calibration and Large Aspect Ratio Calibration Model Test

Release date:2020-06-03

On 24th May 2020, the success of the calibration testing proved that CAE ARI has well completed its FL-62 project first stage mission. As a national flagship project, FL-62 aims at to be a state of the art and durable wind tunnel which will serve the next generations aircraft development. The initiation of the project was approved in 2012, which clearly determined to meet the first stage goal and enter service in 2020. This was the most challenging target among China's recent aerodynamics related projects in ways of the technical complexity, investment and project duration.

The calibration started on 13th February taking a total of 101 days. Stand alone and combined commissioning were both performed for each system with slotted wall test section, including slotted test section core flow velocity distribution measurement, blockage interference and wall reflection wave interference measurement, boundary layer thickness measurement, spatial velocity flow field measurement, comprehensive measurement of space temperature, turbulence, noise, and large aspect ratio civil airplane calibration model (CACM) test.

The result shows that the flow field of FL-62 beyond qualifies, with its transonic mach number control accuracy better than 0.0005, total pressure control accuracy better than 0.04%, subsonic/transonic core flow mach number evenness qualifies national standard, center section space temperature fluctuation within +/-0.5K, turbulence under 0.2%, and core flow pulsating pressure under 0.9%.


Large aspect ratio civil airplane calibration model (CACM) test

The first stage construction of FL-62 includes slotted wall test section and perforated wall test section, the former one is for large aspect ratio aircraft (such as transport airplane). CAE ARI large aspect ratio calibration civil airplane model (CACM) completed the verification test in FL-62 slotted test section. Test result shows the drag coefficient repeatability is 0.00005, and a good coherence with the other world leading facilities. The completion of calibration for slotted test section marks FL-62 partially ready for commercial test. Once the scheduled perforated wall test section commissioning finishes in July, the facility will be ready for aircraft model test with its designed capacity.