Combined compression-shear loading system for flat panel

Release date:2020-07-13



Fig.1 Combined compression and shear loading experiment system

According to the demands of static test, durability test and damage tolerance test of large transport aircraft and commercial aircraft, a combined compression-shear loading system for flat panel is developed by CAE Aircraft Strength Research Institute. The experiment system consists of compression loading component and shear loading component, as illustrated in Fig.1. The two components are independent. In fact, arbitrary ratio of combined compression and shear loads can be obtained by using this experiment loading system. It solves the mutual interference and coupling of boundary constraints for axial compression and shear loads.

The stiffened panel is clamped on the substructure of the experiment loading system by angle box. The panel is supported with three free sides and one clamped side on the bottom. In order to avoid unnecessarily global bending or buckling of the specimen during the test, the out-plane displacement of the specimen in multiple sections is constrained. The support details are shown in Fig.2.


Fig.2 Stiffened panel supports and constraints on the experiment loading system

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