Proposal for UAS Test Method International Standard Developed by CAE CAPE Officially Approved

Release date:2020-07-13

Proposal for UAS test method international standard, ISO 4358, Test methods for civil multi-rotor unmanned aircraft system, proposed and developed by China Aero-Polytechnology Establishment (CAPE), a subsidiary of CAE, has been officially approved recently by ISO/TC20/SC16 (Unmanned Aircraft Systems subcommittee of International Organization for Standardization). This is the first project developed in testing and evaluation working group (WG5) of the subcommittee. This standard will provide civil multi-rotor UAS companies with test guidance in product design, R&D, and production, provide UAS testing and certification agencies with basis for product testing and certification, and provide regulatory authorities with reference for regulation. The development of this standard will have significant social and economic benefits.


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