Design of Intelligent Fault Diagnosis for Inertial Navigation System

Release date:2020-11-06

Shi Meng*Lian XiaotangWang HanpingZhang ShimiaoQian Dehua
Xian Flight Automatic Control Research InstituteXian 710076China

Abstract: In this paper, the fault diagnosis technology based on artificial intelligence is studied for inertial navigation system(INS), and the intelligent fault diagnosis scheme is worked out, and the detailed scheme composition is discussed, including online test diagnosis software development package, test diagnosis service module, test diagnosis application management module, test diagnosis decision rule setting and management module, data acquisition module and user operation integrated environment. It is found that the intelligent fault diagnosis system of INS can detect and locate the fault reasonably through the complex diagnosis reasoning algorithm. The implementation of the diagnosis system scheme has a positive reference for the development of comprehensive diagnosis technology of avionics system.

Key Words: inertial navigation system; artificial intelligence; fault diagnosis; testability model; TEAMS

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