Analysis and Research of Intelligent Computing Processors for Airborne Environment

Release date:2020-11-06

Wen Pengcheng*Bai LintingGao ZeCheng Taoran
Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Airborne and Missileborne ComputerXian Aeronautics Computing Technique Research InstituteXian 710065China

Abstract: In recent years, artificial intelligence technology represented by deep learning has developed rapidly in the civil field. While for military application, such as aviation, AI technology will also play an important role. The AI application in the field of aviation must consider the constraints and limitations of the airborne environment, especially for the intelligent computing processors. Considering the airborne application scenario, computing characteristics and computing power requirements, the architecture and applicability of general purpose processors and AI processors were analyzed and studied. Then a feasible technical implementation route was proposed based on the idea of heterogeneous integration. It could provide basic computing services for airborne intelligent applications.

Key Words: aeronautical artificial intelligence; airborne intelligent application; OODA; intelligent computing; AI processor; general purpose processor

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