Smart Optical Fiber Sensor —— the protector of the Structural Health

Release date:2020-07-23

For many years, the Research Center of Structural Strength and Optical Fiber Sensing Technology of CAE Changcheng Institute of Metrology&Measurement(CIMM) has been continuously devoted to the independent research and development of optical fiber sensors and demodulation devices, as well as the calibration and engineering application of optical fiber sensing testing system, which occupies a leading position in the field of aviation in China.

At present, this research center has broken through a number of technical bottlenecks, such as demodulation of airborne fiber Bragg grating, design and package of high-precision FBG sensor with large range, comprehensive calibration of high-precision FBG strain sensor, and damage recognition algorithm of ultra-sensitive structure. These technologies have been applied to the static and fatigue tests of a certain aircraft, the status monitoring of pipelines, the damage monitoring of composite materials, the deformation monitoring of aerospace structures, the monitoring of railway pantograph and wheel-rail force, and the status monitoring of wind turbine blades, which provides valuable data for the health monitoring of large structures. The project " Structural Strain Monitoring System Based on Fiber Bragg Grating" has been recognized by the top experts in China and won the first place of the bronze prize in the technical innovation group of the "2019 China Advanced Technology Transformation and Application Competition" organized by nine departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance.

In the future, the Research Center of Structural Strength and Optical Fiber Sensing Technology will always adhere to the principle of "based on its own technology, constantly innovating, and striving to overcome core key technologies" to improve the autonomous and controllable level of the sensing system. Taking aviation structural health monitoring as a starting point, we will continue to expand the application of sensor systems in wind power, rail transit, aerospace, ships and other fields to promote the continuous development of structural health monitoring technology and escort the health of large structures

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