Proposals for developing 5 Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Test Method International Standards Submitted by CAPE has been Officially Approved by ISO/TC20/SC16

Release date:2020-11-04

Proposals for developing 5 UAS test method international standards, ISO 5309 Vibration test methods for lightweight and small civil UAS, ISO 5312 Evaluation and test method of rotor blade sharp injury to human body for civil lightweight and small UA, ISO 5286 Test methods for flight performance of civil light weight and small fixed-wing UAS, ISO 5332 Test methods for civil lightweight and small UAS under low pressure conditions and ISO 5305 General requirement of noise measurement of lightweight and small multirotor unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), submitted by CAE CAPE and related Chinese organizations, were officially approved by ISO/TC20/SC16 (Unmanned Aircraft Systems subcommittee) on 2020-09-12. These standards will provide lightweight and small civil UAS companies with test guidance in product design, R&D, and manufacturing, provide UAS testing and certification agencies with basis for product testing and certification, and provide regulatory authorities with reference for regulation development. The development of these standards will have significant social and economic benefits.


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