Aerodynamics Powering the Winter Olympics

Release date:2020-12-10

A new wind tunnel facility, designed by CAE Aerodynamics Research Institute tailored to national ski jumping team, was successfully used by athletes for in-run and flight training recently. The sophisticated training session was held in Jilin province for nearly two month.

This wind tunnel is China’s first movable facility dedicated to ski jumping training and technology research. It is designed and constructed by an expertise team of CAE Aerodynamics Research Institute.

This wind tunnel can replicate ambient conditions during ski jumping run-in and takeoff phases, making the training possible without climatic influence. Athletes can try difficult movements in the simulated conditions, which cannot make in real environment, to learn motor skills, build muscle memory and improve techniques efficiently. Coaches can observe and record actions of ski jumpers in a relatively static state and provide pertinent instruction after analyzing pressure data acquired during the training.

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