C2H2 Spectrum Measurement Based on Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb

Release date:2020-12-22

Gao YuweiWu Tengfei*Zhang LeiHan JiboZhao ChunboXia Chuanqing
Science and Technology on Metrology and Calibration LaboratoryAviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Dynamic Testing and CalibrationCAE Changcheng Institute of Metrology & MeasurementBeijing 100095China

Abstract: With the advantages of high resolution, high sensitivity, wide spectral coverage and rapid measurement, the dual-comb spectroscopy technology has developed rapidly in the field of molecular and atomic spectroscopy. First, the basic principle of the dual-comb spectrum measurement technology is briefly introduced, and then a corresponding dual-comb spectrum measurement device is established according to the existing conditions of the laboratory, and the feasibility of the acetylene gas is verified.

Key Words: dual-comb spectroscopy; laser spectroscopy; spectroscopy; optical frequency comb; dual-comb system

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