Research on PHM Data System Architecture for Aviation Equipment

Release date:2020-12-22

Qu Changqi*Zhou RuiDu BaoLong Jinbo
Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Aero Combined EnvironmentCAE China Aero-Poly Technology EstablishmentBeijing 100028China

Abstract: Prognostic Health Management (PHM) is a technology that uses the collected data to perform data processing to obtain intelligent decision-making for the current state of aviation equipment monitoring, diagnosis and prediction. PHM can guarantee the operational safety of aviation equipment to the utmost extent and improve the capability of supporting tasks. A large amount of data will be generated during the entire phase of PHM. At present, some domestic and foreign institutions have conducted research and construction on the PHM data system. However, most of the data is only for the management and maintenance of PHM data, which can not clearly sort out the logical relationship between the design data, usage data, and verification data of active aviation equipment, so building a complete PHM data system architecture has become an extremely important task at present. This paper takes the PHM technology of aviation equipment as the background, runs through the entire life cycle timeline of equipment manufacturing, and based on the construction and integration of the equipment-level, regional-level, and platformlevel data of the PHM system, it complements the PHM data management and maintenance data to form a set The PHM data system architecture with aviation equipment characteristics improves the logical relationship between different data elements of PHM.

Key Words: aviation equipment; prognostic; health management; data architecture

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