Self-adaptable Loading Technique for Main Landing Gears in Structural Test of Large Airliner

Release date:2020-12-22

Liu Wei*Zheng Jianjun
Key Laboratory of Static and Fatigue Test of Full Scale Aircraft,CAE Aircraft Strength Research InstituteXi'an 710065China

Abstract: In order to meet the requirements of model test, the vertical loading method of the main landing gears in full scale aircraft structure test of large civil aircraft is analyzed and studied. A self-adaptable loading technology based on double roller platform is proposed, and the design scheme of the loading device is given. The load-bearing capacity and damping characteristics of the loading device are verified by calculation and simulation test. The new technology is successfully applied to model test. Compared with the original loading method, this technology ensures not only the loading accuracy, but also the bearing capacity, which can meet the needs of ultimate load test and fatigue test.

Key Words: civil aircraft; structural test; loading technique; landing gear; self-adaptable loading

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