Research and Application of Dynamic Tensile Test Method for Metal Materials at Intermediate and Low Strain Rates

Release date:2020-12-22

Bai Chunyu*Ge YujingXi XulongLiu XiaochuanYang QiangZhang Yu
Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Structural Impact DynamicsCAE Aircraft Strength Research InstituteXian 710065China

Abstract: The mechanical properties of metallic materials were obtained at low and intermediate strain rates using a high-speed hydraulic servo testing machine. It is important to measure the dynamic loading and strain data as well as the heat dissipation during failure process. This study investigates the dynamic tensile test methods of metal materials at low and intermediate strain rates. A visual test data processing software was developed to improve the processing efficiency of test data. The constitutive parameters of 2024-T42 and 2A16-O aluminum alloy materials were obtained at dynamic loading rate. Finally, the development of dynamic testing and measurement technologies are prospected.

Key Words: low and intermediate strain rates; dynamic constitutive characterization; non-contact test; thermal dissipation; data processing

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