CAE ASRI built the first whole aircraft solar radiation laboratory

Release date:2021-06-02

Aircraft often encounters harsh solar radiation in service. CAE ASRI(Aircraft Strength Research Institute) had built the first whole aircraft solar radiation laboratory in China. The solar radiation environment in intermediate hot areas, extreme hot areas and exceeding hot and dry areas around the world can be simulated in the laboratory. By constant experimentation and in-depth research, ASRI had obtained the whole aircraft solar radiation testing technique, such as radiation heat equivalent simulation technique, solar radiation intensity homogeneity control technique, fuselage temperature measurement technique in solar radiation environment etc, which indicates ASRI had the ability to develop solar radiation experiment of whole aircraft in the laboratory. At the same time, ASRI formulated relevant test quality standard system. ASRI had developed solar radiation experiment for a certain aircraft in the laboratory. The solar radiation experiment ability of the whole aircraft filled in the gaps in China in the environment simulation field.


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