At a glance: Characteristics of FL-62 wind tunnel

Release date:2021-11-01

Approved for construction in 2012, Chinas first large continuous transonic wind tunnel, called FL-62, become operational in 2020. After one-year operation, it has conducted over two dozen testing campaigns to support aerodynamic research and product development projects.

The main characteristics:

Ø Test section: 2.4m×2.4m×9.6m (height × width × length)

Ø Mach number: Ma=0.15~1.15 (slotted wall test section)

Ma=0.15~1.6 (perforated wall test section)

Ø Total temperature: T0=293K (20) ~ 333K (60)

Ø Total pressure: P0=0.01MPa~0.4MPa

Ø Reynolds number: up to 12.8×106

Ø Control accuracy of Mach number:±0.001

Ø Control accuracy of total pressure:≤0.1%

Ø Uniformity of core flow:≤0.002(M<1.0)

Ø Turbulence: ≤0.3%(M<1.0, slotted wall test section)

Ø Pulsating pressure coefficient of core flow: ≤0.9% (M<1.0, slotted wall test section)

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