CAE ASRI Successful developed demonstration and verification platform for civil aircraft emergency evacuation

Release date:2022-02-22

CAE ASRI successfully completed the subsystem and overall function verification test for the civil aircraft occupants emergency evacuation platform, the platform can satisfy the research needs of emergency evacuation in different patterns of civil aircraft.The platform consists of six parts including simulated aircraft cabin section, cabin environment simulation and control system, aircraft attitude adjustment and control system, personnel evacuation process measurement system, personnel safety protection system, and test command and control system. Equipped with four types of cabin doors and suitable emergency evacuation slides, the platform can accommodate with the twin-aisle passenger aircraft 3-3-3 seat layout and single aisle passenger aircraft 3-3 seat layout, and also can realize attitude simulation after crash with pitching ±10°and rolling ±15°combination of posture change function as well as simulate environmental factors such as lighting condition inside the cabin, background speech and outside environment. 

ASRI has successful breakthrough multiple key technologies such as attitude control technology, high-precision positioning technology, explicit simulation of complex crash scenarios, and multi-configuration cabin compatible design.

In the future, ASRI will deepen the research on the safety of civil aircraft cabins based on the platform, continue to improve the system of civil aircraft crash-worthiness to support the design and assessment of the civil aircraft crash-worthiness in China.

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