Integrity Protection Method of Routing Message for UAV Ad-hoc Networks

Release date:2022-04-29

Guo Jingjing1Gao Huamin1Liu Zhiquan2Zhang Xinglong

1. Xidian UniversityXian 710071China 

2. Jinan UniversityGuangzhou 510632China 

3. National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Integrated Control TechnologyFlight Automatic Control Research InstituteXian 710065China 

Abstract: Security is one of the important challenges that UAV Ad-hoc Networks (UAVNETs) routing protocols is facing. Focusing on the lack of security of topology construction messages on the clustered UAVNETs routing protocols, this paper proposes a security scheme for topology messages of clustered UAVNETs routing protocols (SecUAV). SecUAV can ensure the integrity of the messages exchanged between nodes in the clustered UAVNETs during the topology construction so as to prevent the tampered information from being used in the network topology construction and route creation, and improve the robustness and reliability of routing protocol. Aiming at the static information in the topology message, an integrity verification method based on the consortium blockchain is proposed, which can reduce the calculation and transmission overhead of the entire scheme. We conduct an informal and formal analysis on this scheme, and prove that the scheme could flight against impersonation attack and message tampering attack during the transmission of topology messages. Finally, we simulate and analyze the performance of several UAVNETs clustering protocols with SecUAV. The experimental results show that the time consumption of SecUAV is less than 100ms and the memory cost of SecUAV is less than 35% of the routing cost. 

Key Words: UAV Ad-hoc networks; routing protocols; integrity protection; network security

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