A Method for Predicting Lubricating Oil Metal Element of Aero-Engine Based on Flight Test Data

Release date:2022-05-25

You Liming Chinese Flight Test EstablishmentXian 710089China 

Abstract: When the aero-engine works, the metal scraps produced by the friction between the transmission parts such as bearings and gears will flow into the lubricating oil tank, accessory casing and other parts along with the lubrication system, and the degree of wear caused by different working conditions and environments is different, so the metal content in the lubricating oil can reflect the wear state of the engine to some extent. Based on the flight test data and oil spectrum data of an aero-engine, the main influencing factors of oil metal content are determined by analyzing the operation mechanism of the lubrication system. The prediction model of oil metal content is established by using the method of information diffusion combined with support vector machine, which solves the problem of limited small sample data. The relative error of the prediction result of the model is less than 5.7%, which can meet the precision requirement of practical engineering. The established prediction model of lubricating oil metal content has positive preventive effect on aero-engine wear fault. 

Key Words: lubricating oil metal element prediction; flight test data; information diffusion; support vector machine; small sample data

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