Research on Manufacturing of Large-Size and Large-Thickness Foam Sandwich Door Parts

Release date:2022-05-25

Deng FeifeiXiao GuangmingCheng YannaLiu MenghuiLiu Haoxuan 

Xian Aircraft Industry Group Co.Ltd.Xian 710089China 

Abstract: The composite foam sandwich structure is a structural form with high bearing efficiency, which has the characteristic of light weight, large bending stiffness and strength. At present, some aircraft begin to design composite hatch doors with foam sandwich structure, and metal joint connection area of hatch doors has solid filing blocks with large thickness. The manufacturing process of this kind of structural style is complex, the internal and apparent quality of the formed product is not easy to control and technical risk is high. This experiment describes the molding process design of a large-size and large-thickness foam sandwich door, studies the key technologies in the manufacturing process of foam sandwich door and solves the technical quality problem in the manufacturing process. The test results show that foam sandwich door parts that meet the requirements of the drawings and internal quality and apparent quality are qualified can be manufactured through co-bonding process. The research results can be popularized and applied to the load-bearing structures of aircraft wings, doors, and spoilers. 

Key Words: composite material; foam sandwich structure; process design; co-bonding; technical quality

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