Aeronautical Science Fund

The Aeronautical Science Fund targets fundamental researches, especially those programs dedicated in exploring new ideas, new concepts, new principles and new methods. It aims to provide a scientific basis for studying and solving the technical problems in the development of aviation science and technology and new aviation equipment.

The Aeronautical Science Fund is intended for institutes of higher education and scientific researches with basic research and application capabilities in aviation science and technology.
Project Period
The Aeronautical Science Fund Program lasts for 2 years, normally from 1 October of the year registered to the 30th September of the third year following the first year.
Level of Funding
Regular Projects: RMB 100,000-200,000
Youth Projects: RMB 60,000-100,000
Key Projects: RMB 300,000-500,000
Type of Project
The program supports 3 types of projects: Exploring, Lab-based and Special-funded. The exploring project focuses on the basic and exploratory researches for cutting-edge technologies and future equipment in the aviation. The highlights are: new concepts, new principles and new methods.
By utilizing the resources of key laboratories, the lab-based project will carry out innovative researches to promote technology development and to improve the labs’ capabilities.
The special-funded project stresses on the specific areas/equipment that are most needed in aviation technology development.

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