CAE is a doctoral and master degree granting unit approved by the State Council with a distinctive discipline structure, a strong teaching team, and an excellent practice environment. After 40 years of postgraduate education, CAE has trained nearly 3,000 doctoral and master graduate students covering three major categories: engineering, science and management. Subject areas involve aerospace science and technology, materials science and engineering, control science and engineering, mechanics, optics, computer science and technology, software engineering, management science and engineering, computational mathematics and etc. A total of 24 aviation research institutes serve as graduate training units and enrolls 200 doctoral and master students every year. CAE also has joint PHD programs with 6 domestic universities.

Adhering to the concept of exploring, innovating, opening and sharing, the postgraduate education of CAE strives to create an international platform for personnel training while establishing various forms of cooperation with domestic universities and research institute in order to provide a broad platform for the national aviation industry to train and reserve high-level scientific and technological talents.

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