Located around China, CAE has various facilities covering major aviation technical areas and many of them are at the national level.


  • Static/fatigue test hall

    single-aisle aircraft and two-aisle aircraft full-scale structure strength test

  • Acoustic laboratory

    Real structure of the fuselage Simulation of real aircraft vibration and noise environment Cabin TL>40dB

  • Static/fatigue test hall

    2 x 200t aircraft full-scale structure strength test

  • Climatic laboratory

    temperature range from -55℃--+74℃ relative humidity 95%(2~ 52℃) rain, snow, fog, freezing rain,wind, solar irradiation

  • Discrete source impact & crash worthiness test hall

    Pneumatic cannon systems ,3 sets Accelerator sled testing systems Material high strain rate test systems

  • Thermal strength test hall

    Area: 2,530㎡
    Temperature: -150℃-+1600℃

  • Aircraft drop test facility

    Height: 30m
    Lift weight: 40t

  • Landing gear systems

    Drop Towers: 7 Sets
    LGS Shimmy/Vibration, aircraft
    vtire dynamic , damper damping test rig

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